OmniWave Technology

OmniWave TM  Technology is a revolutionary catheter-based thrombectomy device designed to deliver transverse, ultrasonic energy to remove thrombus & enhance the dispersion of physician specific fluids in the peripheral vasculature.

OmniWave Technology: 

  • Catheter wire tuned to create cavitation to fracture thrombus
  • Uses therapeutic ultrasonic energy
  • Cavitation streaming rapidly dissolves thrombus and quickly restores blood flow
  • Single-session interventional treatment

OmniWave Benefits:

  • Rapid & effective thrombolysis – single-session
  • Flexible combination therapy – dissolves thrombus with or without lytics
  • Designed for Safety -  factures the fibrin matrix without damaging vessel walls
  • Easy to Use – requires minimal training, ready to use in less than 10 min
  • Easily delivered over a 0.014” Guidewire.